At PA Cooperative, we pride ourselves on operating transparently and ethically in all of our business practices. We aim to be fully upfront about our offerings, expertise, and fees so that clients can make informed decisions when partnering with us. Our goal is building ongoing relationships grounded in trust and mutually beneficial outcomes..

Pricing & Rates


We won’t charge different rates depending on who you work with at PA Cooperative, as all our staff are highly experienced and professionally recognised. We won’t settle for anything less, and we wouldn’t ask you to either.

Of course, the total costs for any piece of work depend on what you’re looking for and the level of activity involved – so this is a general guide. We believe it’s both competitive and value for money. To get an accurate idea of what we can do for you and how much it is likely to cost, contact us and we can talk in detail about your needs.

Long-term work

Our preferred method is to work with you regularly for a pre-agreed number of days based on your requirements for our services.

This helps us to understand your business, and its needs, in more detail – particularly how to help you develop effective relationships with a range of different people and organisations.

Long-term contracts mean we can offer daily rates that are the most cost-effective for our clients. It cuts down on our administrative costs and that is reflected in the price; no account management fee is charged.

Our minimum monthly contract is for 2 days at £100 an hour, or £750 per day. That means £1,500 per month plus any expenses at cost plus VAT charged at the standard rate.

We will invoice you monthly with 15-day terms for payment. Long-term contracts are typically for 12 months duration, with a three-month ‘break’ period built-in.

Short Term Work

For short term work requiring intensive media relations support over a limited period of time, such as a weekend, the minimum time we will invoice is for 1.5 days. This will be billed at £120 an hour giving a day rate of £900 plus VAT, with a 5% account management fee in addition to this.

Our rates

PA Cooperative charges consistent, competitive rates regardless of which expert you work with. All our staff are highly qualified professionals. The exact cost of any project will vary based on your specific needs and scope of work.

To receive an accurate project quote tailored to your requirements, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your needs, provide recommendations, and estimate total costs based on the specifics of your project. Get in touch so we can determine how PA Cooperative can assist you.

Before beginning any work, we will send you a contract clearly outlining our terms and conditions for doing business. This ensures transparency and mutual understanding


Additional services

Any services provided through third-party suppliers, such as photography, video production, or others, will be billed to the client separately and only with the client’s prior written approval. These additional charges will be clearly communicated and agreed upon in writing before proceeding with the services. This ensures full transparency on service extensions beyond PA Cooperative’s core offerings. Please contact us to discuss any supplementary services needed for your project.