Case Study

Forestry gets on the political agenda in Northern Ireland elections (2022)


Forestry and wood processing is an important industry, both economically and environmentally, to Northern Ireland, but is very low down the policy agenda – and rarely discussed during election campaigns.


PA Cooperative worked with trade body Confor and members in Northern Ireland to discuss how best to increase interest in, and understanding of, the industry during the pre-election period – and decided to create a short, informative and punchy manifesto.


The 8-page document – The Future is Forestry: A Manifesto for Trees and Timber in Northern Ireland – was produced against a tight deadline with input from Confor members. It started with a summary of the challenges, used facts and statistics to highlight the current position, utilised case studies to stress the importance and potential of the sector – and then laid down a simple 5-point plan to drive forward the industry. The manifesto can be viewed here.



The document was very well-received by the industry and shared with all the main political parties – and secured media coverage in The Belfast Telegraph, BBC News and Ulster TV.

PA Cooperative helped to produce an excellent and very clear election manifesto which put forestry and wood on the election map in Northern Ireland for the first time. The media coverage secured was excellent and our members were delighted – and they have a document which has a lifetime long beyond the elections to keep pushing the industry with politicians.

Andy Leitch

Deputy Chief Executive, Confor: Promoting Forestry and Wood